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, all right. >> romney's pitch comes as polling shows president obama has the advantage in nine battleground states including razor-thin leads in north carolina and nevada and a bigger lead in mitt romney's vacation destination, new hampshire. all of it comes with a new headline from politico. in the end, it's mitt. all of us making a first presidential debate, which is less than one week away now even more critical for the governor. let's bring in "news nation" panel. david godfrin, michael and steve daise, conservative radio talk show host. thanks to you for being with me on this friday. steve, let me start with you. these new poll numbers, the head-to-head showing the president now ahead in all three states, north carolina, nevada and new hampshire. new hampshire, of course, romney's home away from home where he has a vacation spot. governor romney's favorables continue to be underwater in all but north carolina now. combine these numbers with what we've seen all week, how worried are republicans? how worried are they that we're approaching the point where it might be time to
slide in virginia. we have a series of polls out now that show the gap widening between obama and romney. i think the romney campaign needs to find an opening, a gap to shoot in virginia on that issue. they need to press that gap. >> it's interesting you say that the spokesperson for the rnc in saz said obviously in 2008 we got our clock cleaned here and got caught flat foolted. we're just casting a real wide net in virginia. what do you make of that statement, professor? >> well, it may be a wide net, but it's not capturing anything. in the latest swing state poll, they're behind on every issue. i mean, the number one issue that the romney campaign was going to press against obama they're behind on, the economy. they're behind on national security. they're behind on dealing with the international crises. this is a state with a huge military presence, and they're behind on two issues. i don't know what they're doing, and i think that's the problem. i don't know that people, the voters know what they're doing. they don't hear a consistent message from the romney campaign. >> thank you so
mark murray. mark, as we saw earlier, the polls don't show a pretty picture for mitt romney right now. can he somehow turn the underdog narrative into an advantage? >> absolutely. i mean, there are always political ups and downs in campaigns. the thing mitt romney has to worry about is time is running out. 30 states across the country are engaged in early voting either by absentee or in-person early voting. time is of the essence, and this is why the debate is so important for mitt romney. outside of some external event we can't even think of right now, the debate is his last chance to really change the die nam in this cases of this contest. >> i want to talk about the missouri race for a second here and the relationship to the race. the latest remarks from missouri congressman todd akin sparking a bit of an uproar. he said, quote, i think we have a very clear path to victory and apparently claire mccaskill thinks we do to. she was aggressive in the debate which was quite difference. she had a confidence and was much more ladylike. in the debate on friday she came swinging because she
this is election day. let's start to get people out to the polls and get it done. the romney campaign ys ts thing isn't over. polls go up and down. they bank on november 6th when everyone is going to vote, but the romney folks did a good job with absentee voting and early voting in thprimary season. we'll see if that carries over to the general election. >> a l of movingpas. thyo v. >>> a new report says democrats may have largely neutralized the once fear voter i.d. laws to be hurtful to the party during the election. perry bacon will join me live to lk about that new report n [ female announcer ] ordinary lotions aren't made to treat eczema, so it can fe like you're using nothi at all. but neosporin® eczema essentials™ is differen its multi-action formula restores visibly healthier skin in 3 days. neosporin® eczema essentials™. oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in se i getit by a meteor. , ur h ore 'tli ey did photoshop here.getit by a meteor. hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see
candidates in scramble. new polls showing the ticket fighti. any menonsmanaul an ctoakn colorado and governor romney crisscrosses the state of ohio, a state no republican president ever lost and where early voting begins next week. >> i know there's some people who want more for years bute don' woue years like the last four years. bigger government, stimulus. >> meanwhile, president obama is also in ohio trying to hold on to that lead there. according to theat qupioll, ten points ahead and taking no chances. the president hammering his opponent at an event moments ago. >> i don't believe we can get very far wit leaders who wte off half the nation as a bunch spbi fhe o ne lives. and i've got to tell you. as i travel around ohio and as i look out on this crowd i don't see a lot of victims. i see hard working ohios. >> straight out on the trail and covering both cig nn w ron mott on the phone with congressman paul ryan's event in ohio. we have heard several messages over the last week of the republican campaign. what do we exct to hear today? >> reporter: thomas, good day to you. coressn ryusan
truthful. for the romney campaign where they are right now, the national polls tighten a little bit, but the battleground polls is he still has a major problem. it's the narrative killing this campaign, and he has to change that narrative. he has to be extremely aggressive and respectful at the same time while also being elm thettic and delivering specifics. that's a lot to do in a 90-minute debate. i think the challenge for both candidates and where president obama may have a strength. rom knee, i don't know if he does or not, the no time limit. you have no time limit on these answers can be dangerous and an incredible opportunity. >> you can talk yourself in a hole. >> you can talk yourself in a hole, but you can use it to frame and box your opponent in. >> we'll see if there's a clear winner. thank you very much, michael. thank you, chris. it's always a pleasure. >>> a huge victory for democrats in pennsylvania in a hard-fought battle against that state's new voter i.d. law for now. a judge in the past few hours blocked the law from goalkeeper into effect. judge simpson ordered t
" poll with mitt romney behind ten points in the battleground state of ohio. down nine in florida. 12 points in pennsylvania. hogan, looking at the numbers, given the state, does romney have a feasible path to the white house anymore? >> i think those numbers are a little bit inflated but i think for the most part everyone understands barack obarack becr little bit closer and it's got to be a great debate and distance himself from the obama plan in the sense to attack the president, attack the president in a way that he's never been attacked before and show the discrepancies and quit trying to be likable and focus on being capable and i say i'm the person capable of winning this election and capable of turning the country around. we have seen record unemployment under a this president, women or minorities. unemployment is up. poverty is up. gas prices are up. and talk about how you're capable to get those things righted, get the ship righted and how you can lead the country out of where we are right now. that's what he's got to do and been unable to do so focused on a few self inflict
. that is a challenge for mitt romney. i'll add something else, our nbc/"wall street journal" mar rist poll sur vaied nine battlegrounds and president obama was ahead in all states from two points to seven points. that shows the hurdles that mitt romney has, even though the race is close. >> we talked about early voting and we know as i mentioned ohio and several other states have to correct the math if i'm wrong here, hard to keep up at this point, i think it's around 30, so many states with early voting at this point. this is before the big debate and millions of eyes will be on the debate, whether in its long form or clicking on to clips that will hit the internet within minutes of it coming out of the candidate's mouth? >> that early voting is why this debate is probably more important for mitt romney than the ones we're going to see in the next couple weeks. tamron, the numbers are, there are 32 states as of today that are voting in some form or fashion, absentee or early in person voting. some tomorrcome tomorrow when y ohio and other states, we'll be at 35 states across the country. more than
state, ohio. and a new poll by the columbus dispatch shows that the president is leading governor romney by nine points. now that's in addition to another poll out today that shows the president up by 11 points in all swing states. what does this mean for the romney campaign? the associated press says it this way, quote, mitt romney's path to victory is narrowing to overtake obama. romney would need to quickly gain the upper hand in nearly all of the nine states where he and obama are competing hardest. joining me now, nbc's senior political editor mark murray. at the bottom of the screen, mark, we have race still tight, but dot dot dot and the but is these polls are starting to take some form. we know there are a lot of important things that can happen, a jobs report out, these debates, but we're seeing a theme in the swing states? >> we are. we're also seeing a theme, too, tamron, we've seen over the past five or six months now, that is that president obama has so many more paths to 270 electoral votes than mitt romney does. as you mentioned mitt romney pretty much has to run the table
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)